Hot Melt Tank Loader

Typical Industrial Applications

The Coperion K-Tron Hot Melt Tank Loader provides efficient loading of hot melt glue pastilles/pellets/slats at up to 300 kg/hr [660 lb/hr] with no moving parts.

Hot Melt Tank Loader Design Features and Options

  • Automatic fill level control is carried out via a fill level sensor in the hot melt tank lid. This is preset and normally should not require adjustment. A fail-safe 95dB alarm sounds if no material enters the melt tank after 100 seconds. The unique venture pick-up assembly design ensures efficient and economical use of compressed air and can be dismantled for cleaning if required. Material is blown into the melt tank through an easily removable, large surface area filter. The control panel features "power on" and "conveying" indication lights. Solenoid valve and quick release compressed air connection nozzle are fitted to the back of the base unit. Supplied complete with either 3, 6 or 9 m [10, 20 or 30 ft] pick-up tube assembly and power lead with fused plug. A complete Hot Melt Tank Loader assembly consists of base unit, pick-up assembly, lid and optional glue bin. Base unit includes control panel, filter, pressure regulator and solenoid with all brackets and hardware for mounting. Pick-up assembly includes convey hose, pick-up wand with vibrator and bag guard.

Standard Mechanical Specifications

  • Volume of air: 17m3 /hr [10 cfm]
  • Packed weight: approx. 10 kg [22 lb]
  • Max. loading height: 4 m [13 ft]
  • Control panel rating: IP55
  • Alarm noise level: 95dB
  • Operation noise level: TBC
  • Total height required to change filter: 280 mm [11 in]