ZXD Hygienic Rotary Valve (Blow-Through Premium)

The Coperion ZXD Hygienic (Blow-Through Premium) rotary valve is specially designed for sanitary, pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications where contamination is a constant concern, and frequent disassembly and cleaning is required.

Typical Industrial Applications

The ZXD Hygienic includes full access extraction system and a large inlet for high filling efficiency. Without removing the valve from the system, the ZXD Hygienic can be easily disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. The full access extraction system fully supports the rotor as it is removed for cleaning, making it an ideal method for facilitating endplate and rotor removal. The blow-through conveying configuration enhances rotor cleanout while conveying and makes installation in tight quarters possible. The entire unit is specially designed to avoid contamination with product contact surfaces constructed from DIN 1.4404 [AISI 316L] stainless steel. The ZXD Hygienic is designed according to EHEDG guidelines with pressure differentials up to 1.5 bar(g) [21 psi(g)] and temperatures up to 100° C [212° F].

ZXD Hygienic Rotary Valve Design Features and Options

  • Explosion pressure shock proof: 10 bar(g) [145 psi(g)], due to heavy duty design
  • Large round inlet: Without restriction of the cross section for highest capacities
  • Patented blow-through channel: for optimal pocket sweeping at low pressure drop, suitable for conveying lines diameters of +/- one nominal size
  • Outboard bearings with lifetime seal: Separated from product by purged seal arrangement and drop out opening
  • Rotor: 10 blades, open-end, rounded pockets, chamfered blades
  • Extraction devices: FXS-1 (= rotor can be swiveled aside) with quick disassembling coupling on drive side
  • Mating flanges with drilling to match rotary valve for field weld to convey line (does not include the pipe or tube stub), material stainless steel (2 pcs.), includes silicone gaskets (food grade) and bolts for attachment to blow-through channel. (Mating flanges with stub adapters to convey line are optional.)
  • Seal purge gas unit (completely mounted): incl. plastic tubing, solenoid valve 24 VDC, 8 W DC, filter regulator, gauge

Standard Mechanical Specifications

  • Inlet flange: round, drilled acc. to DIN PN 10 or AISI 150 lbs.  
  • Material of construction: stainless steel DIN 1.4404 [AISI 316L] 
  • Shaft sealing: two EPDM lip seals (FDA compliant) with diffuser / labyrinth ring, prepared for seal purge 
  • Material contact surfaces polished 0.8 Ra [150 grit] to [180 grit] 
  • CE compliant (standard configuration)