ZPD/ZPC DuroProtect® Rotary Valve

The Coperion ZPD/ZPC DuroProtect® Heavy-Duty Premium rotary valve is specially designed for abrasive applications.

Typical Industrial Applications

It is often used as a discharging and metering valve for conveying products in powder and granular form (smaller than 1 mm). The ZPD/ZPC DuroProtect® is engineered for heavy-duty industrial service with pressure differentials up to 1.5 bar(g) [21 psi(g)] and temperatures up to 100° C [212° F]. The design incorporates erosive wear protection. High wear resistance ensures long-term low leakage gas rates. Development of the protective design based on long-term studies in the Coperion test center and experience in the field, and is adapted to Mohs' hardness of bulk material respectively to wear characteristics of typical bulk materials. The DuroProtect® design is optimized for product properties (in particular abrasiveness) and operating conditions (particularly pressure difference).

ZPD/ZPC DuroProtect Rotary Valve Design Features and Options

  • Explosion pressure shock proof: 10 bar(g) [145 psi(g)], due to heavy duty design  
  • Large inlet/outlet: Without restriction of the cross section for highest capacities
  • Outboard bearings with lifetime seal: Separated from product by purged seal arrangement and drop out opening
  • Seal purge gas unit (completely mounted): Including stainless steel tubing, solenoid valve 24 VDC, 8 W DC, filter regulator, gauge protects sealing rings and hub from wear

Standard Mechanical Specifications

  • Inlet/Outlet flange: Round, drilled according to DIN PN 10 or ANSI 150 lbs. 
  • Wear resistant materials of construction according to DuroProtect® level adjusted to your application (see table/price list for details)
  • Shaft sealing: Two FKM lip seals with labyrinth ring, prepared for seal purge
  • CE compliant (standard configuration)