Tools and Software for Optimum Feeder Performance

SWB300 & SWB600 Smart Weigh Belt Weigh Bridge
Alignment Tool Kit

This tool set will allow you to verify the alignmet of your SWB300/SWB600 weigh bridge right at your facility.*

  • Verify the alignment of the weighbridge and bars.
  • Verify and adjust the alignment of the weighbridge in the conveyor.
  • Test the weighbridge to verify that it is repeatable and linear throughout its weighing range.

Kit includes:

  • Weigh bar tool
  • Precision stand-offs
  • Test weight
  • Demo weight
  • Instruction manual on CD
  • Storage Case

Price kit: $895 U.S.

*If the bars are found to be out of alignment, no field adjustments can be made without compromising the calibration of the unit.  the unit needs to be sent to the factory for realignment.

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