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Learn the latest technological process developments in your industry. These webinars examine a wide variety of processing topics.

Understanding Pneumatic Conveying in the Plastics Industry

Several factors should be considered when selecting a dilute phase pneumatic conveying system for plastics applications. Understanding the basics of pneumatic conveying can go a long way to ensure the best choices are made for an efficient and long lasting system. Two very important factors to consider are system pressure and product velocity. These two factors are strongly related but have independent functions. Paying careful attention to these can significantly extend the life of your pneumatic conveying system.

During this webinar you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a positive pressure system vs. a vacuum conveying system. We will present conveying techniques for bulk material delivery to storage, storage to process and finished product to storage packaging. We will also identity common problems that may occur with pneumatic conveying systems and present technical solutions. When choosing a supplier for your next conveying application, you will be certain you are asking the right questions.

• Basics of Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems
• Pressure Drop Across a Conveying System
• Positive Pressure vs Vacuum
• Velocity in Pneumatic Systems
• Common Pneumatic Systems
• Common Problems and Solutions

Patrick Mahoney
Global Systems Manager

Pat Mahoney is Global Systems Manager located in Salina, Kansas and has been working in the field of pneumatic conveying for 21 years. He has a B.S. in Milling Science and Management, graduating from Kansas State University in 1992. 

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"Innovations in Continuous Processing"

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This complimentary technical webinar is co-sponsored by K-Tron Process Group and Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems. It offers pharmaceutical and food processors the latest detailed information about how to improve continuous mixing and loss-in-weight feeding. The webinar covers the latest developments in technology related to continuous feeding and refill operations with an emphasis on continuous blending. Learn how to achieve the ultimate in flexibility and processing of multiple ingredients.

The webinar offers an objective technical overview and introduces participants to methods of both improving current operations and utilizing new technologies. Course material is suitable for scientists, engineers, production and manufacturing personnel, researchers, formulation scientists, product development and process transfer personnel. 

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